Wednesday, December 28, 2005

End of the Year.

I did a bit of end of the year tidying here on the blog. I updated my finished object links in the sidebar. I also got rid of Haloscan commenting. I haven't been getting notification of new comments, which has left many comments appear without me realizing it - which is annoying. I went back to Blogger commenting (at least I hope I did), because it seems to be a little better than it was when I first started blogging. We'll see how it goes. But if you left a comment recently, I read it and thank you for it, and have it saved. Unfortunately, however, old comments have disappeared for the time being... Please let me know if you have problems with the format or commenting on the blog. I am not that computer savvy, and am pushing my limited skills to the limit.

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Gina said...

Just a little test to say hello and that commenting seems to be working. Happy Holidays!

Knittripps said...

Testing...testing...Have a great New Years!

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