Tuesday, November 29, 2005


About a year ago or so, I saw this fancy knit purse in a couple of shops and over at Craftster. It looked pretty simple, so I set out to make one - particularly since the price was way out of my budget. I wrote down the results in case anyone was interested, and the pdf has been languishing in my sidebar ever since with very few hits. Anyway, I've gotten some requests about the pattern lately.
The pdf can be found here.
If you have trouble with the pdf, it can also be found here (with ads).
If you still have trouble, and are interested, email me over there in the sidebar.

Back to my cookies...

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amf said...

Hi! I really like your clutch! It's so pretty. I couldn't access the pdf or the other link. Can you please repost your pattern? Thanks so much! - Olivia

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