Tuesday, October 25, 2005


When I was in college, Halloween was a big deal. A huge deal, and the parties and festivities usually lasted at least 2 weeks. I can associate each of my four years with what I wore to the French Quarter on Halloween night. But since then, my Halloweens have been a little lame. I haven't dressed up since, because it seems that we never have any plans. But this year, we were invited to a costume party. Mr. Libby knew exactly what he wanted to be - I'll leave you in suspense until I post the pictures next week. I had no idea. So I headed to the best costume shops in town - i.e. Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. And there it was, just waiting for me...
Girl Scout Uniform
Yes, it is an authentic Girl Scout Uniform circa 1970-1980. I was never a Girl Scout. I was a Brownie and my sister made it up the ranks to Girl Scout, but then we both quit. I think the leaders lost interest or something. I did a little research to date the uniform, and found some pictures of this style in action. Check this one out. And this uniform was also part of Smithsonian exhibit at one point. But these pictures gave me great information about completing the look. I sewed a sash, and need to work on the merit badges. I still need to make the red tie. But I did knit a green tam.
Green Tam The shape isn't exactly right. I think the Girl Scout version was more Basque Beret and less tam. But it will do. My sister's first question is whether or not it fits. Now, that's a tricky question. Does it fit me like it was supposed to fit the original little scout? No. But it fits. It can be buttoned. But it is quite short. Any ideas for merit badges for my little costume? Oh, white knee socks, a box of Samoas (they have a new name now, I think), and brown mary janes will finish the look.

But there has been other knitting.

Stripey Preemie Hat and BootiesThis is a set for The Preemie Project. It's a simple square hat using Bernat Softee Baby. I just switched yarn every 3 rows, and ran the colors up the inside. I am happy with the result, so there will be more stripey fun to come.

And what about Soctoberfest?
fluted banister sock 2 in progress
Well, poor little sock number 2. I haven't made much progress in the past week. But I'm going to put some effort into it, and hopefully finish by the end of the month.

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