Friday, October 14, 2005

The Sock Bug.

When I first started knitting my first projects were baby hats. Namely fruit hats. They were knit on metal needles using kitchen cotton. I didn't know about gauge, and used needles much too small for the yarn. My hands hurt for days after knitting. But then I discovered self-patterning yarn. I was obsessed, and set out to teach myself to knit socks. My only purpose in learning to knit socks was to be able to put self-patterning yarn to use.

first socks

These were my first socks. I used this tutorial from Knitters Review and Fortissima Colori self-striping yarn. They're not bad for a first attempt. There's a hole along the heel where I failed at picking up stitches, and the toes are a little square. But not a bad first attempt. Though, I don't think I've ever really worn them. After these, there were a few pairs of baby/ toddler socks, but no adult sized socks.

poor socks I vividly remember starting these socks on a drive to New Orleans in May of 2003. I knit a few rows on the trip. That summer I was working, and would tote them back and forth in my purse. Only occasionally did I ever knit a row or two during lunch. And so they have sat, neglected in a box. Will I ever finish them? Doubtful. But I may be motivated to reclaim the yarn and start over. The yarn is Regia Jacquard in a now discontinued (I think) colorway.

But lately, I have been seeing all of these great handknit socks on blogs. Everyone was doing it, and Lolly is even hosting Socktober. I decided it was try to give socks another chance. So yesterday...
fluted banister sock 1
I decided to knit a sock. At least start a sock. This is the Fluted Banister sock from the Six Sock Knitalong, which I also joined. The yarn is Knit Picks Sock Garden in star gazer lily. I bought this yarn last spring to reach the free shipping goal on another order, but so far I'm liking it. It's 100% merino and soft. I'm no sock expert so I'm not sure how it will wear, but it's nice to knit with. As you can see, I've reached the heel flap on the first sock in the past 24 hours. The speed at which I'm knitting this can be attributed to a well written and interesting pattern. I'd have probably cast a pure stockinette stitch sock aside by now.

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