Thursday, October 27, 2005

On Merit Badges...

I've been hard at work finishing out Halloween costumes. R's needed a hem and a few more alterations, and I needed a sash and tie. Today I am putting the finishing touches on the sash. I decided to use felt to make the patches, and ink jet t-shirt transfers to decorate them. I just found graphics online and then printed them onto transfer sheets. Cut circles out of felt, and ironed on the transfer. It worked better than I expected. Though it is far from perfect, but you get the point. The most fun was thinking of graphics for which I have earned my merit badge in the past 27 years.
Girl Scout Sash 1
Note the knitting patch is the first. I still need to sew around each of the "patches" (right now they are staying in place thanks to tacky glue). It's starting to come together...
Girl Scout Sash 2

In knitting news, I have reached the heel flap on neglected sock number 2. However, it will likely be abandoned, because I just checked out this book from the library. I think some knitted babes will be in my future - look like quick Christmas gifts. And look, there is a knitalong.

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