Sunday, October 23, 2005


So I've been missing for a few days. There are a couple of reasons for this...

The first, I will blame on Oprah. I'm not usually one to rush out to purchase her latest book club selection. Some of her selections have been a bit thin, and left me skeptical. Then in the last year or so she moved into "classics." And here's the thing. I read most of those in high school, and have very little desire to return to them for a second glance. Basically, I'm a little wary of taking literary advice from a woman who once devoted an entire hour to The Bridges of Madison County - not as part of the Book Club, but still...

But then on Friday, she talks about her newest selection, A Million Little Pieces. I'm intrigued, and I literally rush out to purchase it. I find it. I go home. I start reading. Less than 24 hours later I was finished - all 448 pages. It was fabulous - horrific, desperate, sad, hopeful, and a million other things. The author has an interesting style, and ignores some basic conventions for impact, which gives the book a sense of urgency. The style leads itself to being read quickly, and the story is gripping and unbelievable, because it is true. I've already passed it on to my sister. So that was my Friday night/ Saturday morning.... (I would recommend this to just about everyone I personally know. But if I don't know you in person, just understand that this is a very honest account of drug addiction and recovery. It may be too much for anyone who is unprepared or offended by copious use of the f-word in print.)

I need to get the sequel, My Friend Leonard. Soon. Unfortunately, it's only in hardcover, which means I will have to wait until it comes into the library or paperback.

But there was knitting amid the reading. A full update tomorrow. It does involve a green tam to be used as part of my Halloween costume.

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