Thursday, October 06, 2005


So where have I been? Nowhere, I guess. I've been here. Things have been pretty much the same as usual. I've been knitting, but I'm in a bit of a slump. I knit, and then I rip. I reknit, and then rerip. The cycle goes on and on. Basically, I just haven't been happy with any of the projects I have going or have attempted to start.

I have managed to knit a couple of cute hats for The Preemie Project.

cabled baby hat
First we have the square hat with braided cable. I think this is cute, and it was fairly simple to knit. The shape is hardly original, but I'll write up the pattern for anyone who is interested in knitting this hat for The Preemie Project. I think it would be equally as cute in worsted weight yarn in a toddler or child's size. I'll include the math for that also. This would be a good introduction to cables for a new knitter. This version is knit in Bernat Softee Baby in baby denim.

blue jester

...the bicolor jester hat. I still may add pompoms to the tips, but I haven't decided. This hat was based on one I saw online at The Yarn Co. Actually, it wasn't just based on it - it was a duplication of it in a preemie size. I don't have the book, but their version of the pattern can be found in The Yarn Girl's Guide to Kid Knits. I haven't seen their pattern, but I have a feeling that they are quite similar. This one is knit in Lion Brand Cotton Ease, candy blue and ice blue.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I have been searching for preemie patterns and I love the look of the braided cable hat; I was wondering if I could have a copy or where I can find the pattern. Thank you.

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