Sunday, October 30, 2005

Happy Halloween.

Where to start...
Friday night, I went with my sister and nieces to a Halloween party at a local mall. This was the first outing of the girls' 2005 costumes. The hair was done, and the accessories were placed, and we were off.
Anna and Grace Halloween
Leah and Padme were dressed to fight all of the evils the galaxy may offer. And in the meantime fall in love with a Han and Anakin. My favorite costume of the night was a 'tweenage boy dressed as Napolean Dynamite (an ever popular costume this year, apparently). I'm not sure where his mom found those moon boots.

But the fun wasn't over... last night we had a Halloween party to attend. We spent the day putting the final touches on our costumes.
Rykert and Libby Halloween
I have a theory about Halloween - go all out or stay home. It's the one night that you can't be ashamed or worried about what you are wearing or how you look. But, let me explain. Mr. started a masters program last winter in nursing. Since he started nursing school he has said that he was going to be a cliched female nurse for Halloween (poking fun at both the cliche and the stereotype of nursing as a female profession). Well, he made good on his promise. We had to blow his hair out (yes, that's his real hair), expand a woman's dress, purchase a bra, stuff said bra, and find the perfect (and authentic) hat. His excitement for this gender bending role was, at times, alarming. I think that he looks a little bit like a backup singer for Culture Club.
rykert and Libby Halloween 2
I'm pretty sure that the pumpkin is laughing at us. Openly. We went to KMart dressed like this (to purchase blue eyeshadow), and no one said a word. The teenage checkout boy didn't seem phased by the fact that a man dressed as a nurse with cleavage was purchasing makeup. The best part was driving around town in the afternoon and watching the other drivers' reactions.

I put together a set of some of the photos from the evening over at flickr. See it here. Beware the Girl Scout chugging a beer. I'll add more later.

But tomorrow night there is trick or treating with the girls. Hopefully, they will stay away from the Dark Side.

Have a Happy Halloween!!

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