Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Baby Baby.

I still haven't decided on any new major projects. So, in the meantime I've been working on some more baby items for The Preemie Project.

blue jester 2 First meet my new model. I've been having trouble determining exactly what size some of these preemie hats are. So, I created a model. It's nothing more than a fabric covered styrofoam ball, but it helps. This is the jester hat from the last post. I wasn't so sure about it, but I like it more after seeing it on a "head".

blue hat Next is this little jester hat of another variety. This is from this pattern. I don't love it. I really like the one in the picture on the pattern, but this one? Not so much. Maybe I'll try it again with the yarn doubled so it's bulky. Or maybe I screwed up the kitchener stich along the top.

After my failures with the jester hat, I decided to try this pattern. This one was a success, and I will definitely be knitting this one again.

bereavement gown The Preemie Project is also providing bereavement items to the bereavement program at the hospital. Generally, I find it a bit sad to knit these types of items. But I decided to give it a try using this pattern. I did alter the pattern slightly by knitting it straight rather than in the round. This left an opening in the back that will make it easier to dress the baby.

I have to thank Tracy for pointing me toward all of these patterns and test knitting them. Check out her results on her blog.

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