Monday, September 12, 2005

Pink hats and Martha Stewart.

ruffled hat and bootie

This is the Ruffled Hat and booties. I knit these in the past 24-36 hours. The hat was started during Meet the Press, worked on during NFL pre-game show and finished during sporadic football watching yesterday. R was quite pleased that the Saints were able to pull off a minor miracle by actually winning. If there was ever a year for them not to suck, this would be it. The first bootie was knit during the new Martha Stewart show, and the second during Oprah.

OK. So now you all know about my pathetic tv viewing. But tomorrow is poncho day on the new Martha Stewart show, starring no other than the now infamous Martha poncho that sent the knitting world into a tizzy. Don't laugh. I know I'll be watching. I can't help it, I love her. I love the fact that she is unapologetic about her time in prison and even talks about it on the show. I love the fact that she has made doing things and making things into a career. I love the fact that she stood with her head held high and faced her adversary in court and accepted the outcome (with her very expensive handbag in tow). And I love that she hires really creative people to publish fabulously inspiring magazines. Hate her if you must. But she is the only woman who could get me to enter K*Mart.

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