Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pickin' up the sticks.

Thanks for all of your birthday wishes. I had a nice weekend, but overexposed myself to cable news coverage at my parents. I'm at once horrified and curious.
I just wrote a long post about the political aspects of this tragedy, and my hopes for the future of New Orleans. It probably still isn't the time for this type of rhetoric and this blog is probably not the appropriate forum. But as a nation we have to look at the issues of race and class that we have all been avoiding. We have to look at our environmental policies and determine how to restore the coastlines and wetlands of the Gulf Coast. And a note, the cost of building a comprehensive flood protection in this region* is approximately equal to the United States spending for a few weeks in Iraq. I wonder if Dennis Hastert still thinks that it is too much?

There are things we can all do to help. There is no such thing as an act too small. You can make monetary donations to theAmerican Red Cross, Second Harvest, Salvation Army, Feed the Children, Habitat for Humanity, Humane Society, or the charity of your choice. If you would rather make an in-kind donation, most local chapters of the Salvation Army will accept in-kind donations of goods both new and slightly used.

I also read via Heather that there is a lovely woman in Ohio, Sonni, who is collecting 12" knit and crocheted squares to be sewn into afghans. She is also seeking yarn for the project. If anyone is interested email me and I'll send you her contact info or email her by clicking her name above.(I'm not comfortable putting a home address on the internet.) Mr. Libby doesn't understand the concept of making afghans for people who live in that climate (spoken like a true native of SE LA), but I explained to him that there is comfort in having your own blanket and knowing that someone made it for you. And besides, even in hot and humid climate, you'd lay your baby down on a blanket to sleep. I'm going to be donating some squares to the cause. There are no restrictions on fiber types.

*For anyone who is interested, the Times-Picayune did a story three years ago predicting precisely the situtation that has unfolded in the past week. The articles also include information about the levees and the cuts in funding for the Army Corps of Engineers who cite that the funding cuts came so that more money could be routed to Iraq.

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