Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Long time, no post.

It's been over a week since I last posted. I'm not sure what I was waiting for. I think that I was waiting for something interesting to report or at least a photo to keep your interest.

So where to start... Last week was pretty uneventful: a second job interview, babysiting the nieces, and then to my parents for the weekend. Watched my high school's homecoming parade and football game. My cousin, who is a freshman, is the quarterback and it was not an especially good outing for the squad. My hometown has never been known as a football powerhouse. I'm sure the team was disappointed, but it is hardly surprising. When I was in high school we held the longest losing streak in the nation for high schools, but were able to win a single game during my senior year - the last home game, and the victory bell was rusted together. We also went to the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines. It is a small, but nice zoo. The perfect size for 4 year olds and younger, and the perfect size for a short afternoon outing. I took some non-digital pictures, and will post when they are done being developed.

blue sweater in progress Has their been knitting? Why, yes there has. I started this baby sweater last Wednesday. Frogged it on Thursday and started over. The pattern is from Fibertrends, called Baby Brights. The yarn is Cotton Ease in Ice Blue. The recipient will be my cousin in Atlanta who is due in November. Actually, it will be for her baby shower in a couple of weeks. I have about an inch or so left of the body, then a blocking, buttons, and wrapping. This has been a really easy little sweater to knit, and the texture stitch (mistake rib, I think) makes it interesting enough to go quickly. This would be a great first sweater for a beginner. This is the 12 month size.

costumes There have also been Halloween preparations. My sister married a Star Wars junkie, and he has passed this obsession on to his four year old daughters. So, when asked what they want to be for Halloween, they replied: Princess Leia and Padme Amidala (thankfully, she didn't say Queen Amidala, as the costume would be much more complicated). A trip to the fabric store, and two Simplicity patterns later, and we are ready to sew. I'm a little nervous because this is more complicated than my usual baby blanket sewing. But the fabric has been cut, and the sewing will soon commence. I have other Halloween decorating craftiness planned also... stay tuned to see the outcome.

pasta machine Last week, I had the urge to make my own ravioli. I was too cheap to invest in a pasta roller myself, but luckily, my grandma had one that she was willing to lend me. She used to make egg noodles in large batches for her church's fundraiser every year. So, armed with her pasta machine and her noodle recipe, I got to work. For my first try, they were actually really good. I made a spinach, ricotta, and chicken filling. I'll definitely be making many more batches of fresh pasta before returning the machine to her.

In other knitting news, I also have a baby hat in the works. It's a modification of last week's square hat, but instead of plain stockinette, the pattern is made of a cables.

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