Sunday, September 04, 2005

...27 is gonna be a good year.

So, yesterday was my birthday. Now, I'm 27. Feels like 26. But I did spend a nice day with my family, and had a nice dinner with my parents, hub, and grandma last night. The day was spent flipping between CNN and college football in a kind of surreal sort of way.

I just read in the Des Moines paper that there will be some displaced residents brought to the area. I'm hoping that we can figure out something to do to physically help - maybe buy some nice non-military issue bedding, cookies, clothing, etc. I'll have to look into that.

This article by Anne Rice is one of the best things I've seen written about New Orleans recently. There are questions to be answered about the government's response at all levels, but for now we need to keep our focus on relief, recovery, and rebuilding. So, I'm trying to keep my anger to a minimum, but it's not easy.

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