Monday, August 08, 2005


For starters, thanks for all of the responses to the vintage bolero. It was a really easy knit, for anyone who is interested, and only took less than 500 yards of yarn.

So what did I do this weekend...
wingsandbeermartinisgrilled cheeseblurry

Friday night started with wings and trivia, and then moved on to people watching on the ped mall downtown Iowa City. On Friday nights they have live music, and the quality of the music really isn't that important. It's just a good reason to sit downtown.

Saturday involved swimming, grilling, and homemade brownie sundaes. (the recipe link requires you to register, I think.) We also watched a few movies including Kinsey. Um, and Sunday really left very little to report.

I'm working on some drawstring backpacks for my nieces for Christmas. I'm using a pattern from 25 Bags to Knit. I may have one finished tonight, so I'll add a photo if I do.

I did receive a catalog from Lion Brand Yarns today. It included their new fall yarns, intermixed with copious amounts of fun fur. It says that they will be available on September 1.
Of note is the Lion Cashmere Blend which is composed of 72% merino wool, 15% nylon, and 13% cashmere. It knits at a gauge of 17/25 on US8, and comes in 8 colors. And it sells for $9.99 for 84 yards. Therefore, it does have a higher wool content than even DB Cashmerino Aran, but it's actually more expensive.

Next, is Lion Wool, a 100% wool yarn in 8 solid colors and 4 variegated colors. It's a worsted weight, and sells for $6.99 for 158 yards (solid) or 143 yards (prints). My first inclination would be to compare this to my favorite all purpose wool yarn, Cascade 220. Cascade 220 is 220 yards of woolness for the bargain price of $6-8 dollars a skein. So while it is certainly nice that Lion is moving into higher quality yarns, I'm wondering if they have priced themselves too high for their craft/hobby store buyers. I'll of course have to purchase a sample of each when they are finally available.

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