Monday, August 29, 2005


A good portion of today was spent waiting. Waiting for some sort of definitive information about Katrina's wrath. The hub's mom and step-dad and brother all fled the area, but his dad stayed behind for whatever reason. First thing this morning, we called down to check on him, and he seemed to be doing ok, considering. He then called back less than an hour later (and before the major part of the storm had reached his location, by tv reports) and reported that there was now a large pine tree in his bathroom. We haven't heard from him since or been able to make contact. The phone lines, including most cell phone service is down. We assume all is well, but hub is quite nervous. Sick of waiting and sick of busy signals and pre-recorded messages. We don't have cable, and the network news coverage has been sparse. So, we've been relying on live news feeds online and a New Orleans radio station. However, we can only pick up the radio station after dark, but at least it's something.

The devastation of this storm cannot be understated. The pictures seem to say it all. At least until the roads are passable, and the reporters actually have something new to report.

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