Tuesday, August 30, 2005

an update.

First, thanks for all your well wishes from the previous post.

This morning, we finally heard from my father-in-law who was able to contact us via a neighbor's satellite phone. He is fine, all things considered, but there is considerable damage to his home thanks to more fallen trees and he is trapped by over 40 downed trees on his property. The only road to him is likely completely impassable, and will likely be for sometime. We have spent the day trying to contact everyone we could to let them know the news. Unfortunately, this has been a difficult task as cell phone towers continue to be down and even emergency numbers are non-operationable. We would like to contact someone in the area to let them know that there are people in his area that will need to be freed at some point. He is lucky, to say the least. Unfortunately, there are many who weren't. The scenes are heart breaking to watch. I've seen numerous reporters who have been unable to emotionally keep themselves together to report their stories. Unfortunately, the area in New Orleans that seems to be the hardest hit was also one of the more economically deprived areas. If this is what it is for New Orleans to miss the heavy hit and be lucky, then I hope we never see the worse case scenario. And then there are those in the rest of the Gulf Coast who took such a heavy hit...

In the constant battle of man v. nature, nature is clearly winning this week.

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