Sunday, August 28, 2005


I spent the afternoon at Laura's helping to sort all of the donations for The Preemie Project. It was great to see all of things that people have made and sent in. It was also nice to meet some other knitters in person like fellow bloggers Megan and Debbie.

Mr. Libby is at a ski tournament today. So, I took the evening to finish up a few lingering projects.

Aran Bag
First up is this Aran bag. I wanted it to be the big sister of the Cabled Clutch. I really like the cable pattern with the more intricate braided cable surrounded by the basic cables. However, I'm not at all happy with the way the handles turned out. I wanted this to be a bag that fit over your shoulder, which it does. But overall, the whole thing leaves me cold. I actually finished it a few weeks ago, but it's just been sitting around ever since. It still needs a lining, but I'm not sure if I like it enough to bother.

multidirectional scarf 1 Next up, we have the Multidirectional Scarf. I started this a week or two ago using some Fishermen's Wool that I space dyed with Kool Aid. I'm really liking how this turned out, and it was a really quick knit (I just took a couple of weeks off from it). It only leaves a couple of questions: (1) to fringe or to not fringe? What do you think? and (2) to gift or to keep?

These pictures aren't that great, because I was using my waning moments of decent natural light. Perhaps I'll post a better pictures tomorrow.

Still thinking about New Orleans...

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