Friday, August 12, 2005

Our state fair.

Yesterday was the opening of the Iowa State Fair. As is a new found family tradition, we went on the opening day - twins and multiples day. The rain cleared early and we made the trip complete with my grandma, aunts, cousins...

anna & grace as farmersfarmer juliaanna & grace at fair
My nieces as farmers, my cousin, Julia, as farmer, and Anna & Grace waiting to hold the baby piglets - just born that morning.

If you take your young kids to the Iowa State Fair, do not miss the Little Hands on the Farm. It's a simulated farm that allows kids to walk through the entire farming process and earn "money" to buy something from the grocery store. The 3 four year olds we brought, loved it.

I also took a look at the knitting and fiber entries. I didn't enter anything, despite all the talk by certain bloggers. I didn't feel like my knitting would be up to par to be competitive, and so fear kept me away from the competition. Well, there were some very nice entries, but overall, I feel like I could have been competitive in some of the categories. But there were also some amazing quilts and sewing projects. Next year I will enter. But, I did recognize a felted bag by a fellow Iowa Chick Knitter, Knit Addict, Kelly with a ribbon on it. Anybody else out there enter?

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