Friday, August 26, 2005

Eat your heart out Linus.

baby blankets dots 2

I've been plugging away on all sorts of projects, but have had very little to report. These are a few baby blankets I made for The Preemie Project. The first donation is next week, and Laura feared that we would be short blankets. These are made from 2 pieces of flannel. To make, cut pieces to appropriate size, place right sides together, and seam around leaving a small opening. Turn right side out. Blanket Stitch around the edge with embroidery floss.
Easy as pie. I have to thank Wool Winder, a fellow Preemie Project volunteer, for the inspiration. She pointed me toward the polka dot fabric that sort of matches my template. Scroll down her blog to see some of the great things she has created for the project.

As for everything else, there's not much to report. I had a frustrating job interview yesterday in a small town near here. Frustrating because it is a great job, just what I'm looking for actually, but it would require an eventual move to said small town, even though it is a fairly easy commute from where we live now. I'm not going to worry about it though, because it's unlikely that I'll even be offered the position. Back to the waiting game.+

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