Saturday, August 20, 2005

Crafting for a Cause.

On the third Thursday of every month there is a knitting group that meets at a local coffeeshop. Now, I've known about it for sometime, but each and every month I've either been out of town, babysitting for my sister, or just plain forgotten. But not this week. With a little encouragement from Rykert, I actually took my normally reclusive self to meet other knitters, and even a fellow blogger. I was kind of nervous. I mean what if my knitting skills aren't up to par? What if there was nothing to say? Well, I assure you that neither of things happened, and reclusive little me had a really nice time knitting and chatting. Laura is the hostess and chief bottle washer for The Preemie Project. Her enthusiasm for the project is infectious. So, with a week left before the first donation deadline and the first donation to the hospital, I have decided to re-energize my preemie knitting and crafting. She said that she was afraid that there would not be enough blankets. I went home to see what I had to work with, and got busy....

Here's the stack of blankets I completed today...
baby blankets
That's five completed blankets, the smaller size to be used in isolettes.

But I also found this stack...
baby blanket to do
That's enough fleece to sew an additional 7 blankets. I'm hoping that I can get at least some of them completed before the deadline. But unfortunately, I just don't have the attention for sewing lately, and can only sit at the machine for a short span of time without becoming bored.

And then there are booties.

These are a very cute and simple pattern that is available here. I was inspired by Wool Winder's cute booties. It's a really easy pattern and has gotten me over my initial lack of interest in the whole bootie thing.

Well, hopefully by tomorrow, I'll have some more interesting knitting to report. But, I may just spend the day hoping that my sewing machine doesn't become moody on me.

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