Friday, August 19, 2005


So yesterday I posted about the little pink booties I knit. Remember? They were cute. At least I thought so.

So, today I get the newsletter email thing from Lion Brand. While I do like some of their yarns, their marketing sort of turns me off sometimes. Anyway, apparently they are now sponsoring blogs. The email had a picture of a pair of booties that were featured on one of the blogs and advertised that the pattern was available. So, a quick click took me here. She offers the pattern for the booties that are curiously similar to the pink booties I just happened to knit yesterday. A closer examination of the pattern makes it clear that it is the same pattern - word for word. Not just the same finished product, but the same written representation of the pattern.

I'm fairly careful about copyrights. But this seems like a blatant violation. She has written up a previously published pattern word for word and is giving it away for free. Isn't that violating the original author's rights? True, she is not selling the pattern or reaping any financial gain, but what if I were to right out a Rowan pattern word for word here so that people who didn't buy the book could use it. That would clearly be illegal. Maybe I'm wrong about this one, because this is a pattern that has been in the public domain for a really long time or something??

But I do like the fact that she made them into ruby slippers. That part is fabulous.

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