Wednesday, August 10, 2005

At it again.

kool aid skeins
The Kool Aid came back out yesterday. In my blog surfing, I came across Knitting Iris who had dyed some fabulous self-striping yarn. What? Self-striping? I had to try this. So, using this fabulous tutorial I set to work. The first hank, the one on the right, was originally dyed red, yellow, and orange. It was not attractive. So, thinking it couldn't get any worse, I threw it into a vat of purple/blue mix and let it set. The result is deep heathery colors. The yellow section turned lavendar in places and green in places. I love it. I'm thinking of overdyeing the neon skein in much the same way, because what am I going to do with that. I may have to destroy my parent's kitchen this weekend for the challenge.

I also knit this little elephant while waiting for my "dyes" to absorb. It's not perfect. I completely screwed up in sewing together the legs and belly. But by the time I realized the error, I was ready to be finished. The pattern can be found here.

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