Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Basically, preemie knitting has taken over all of my knitting time. Not that I am complaining as this is completely by choice. Part of the reason is that it's just way too hot to be sitting on the couch touching wool in the summer when you don't have air conditioning (well, we have a window unit, but will only turn it on for the hottest days of the summer). So, I've put aside sweaters that are near completion, wool that is desperately need of a Kool Aid treatment, and even my hefty stash of Cotton Ease in lieu of knitting tiny little things for tiny little babies.

First up, we have mitered squares.

mitered squares blue

A mitered square is an addictive thing, indeed. As soon as you finish one, which really doesn't take long, you immediately want to start another. These are done using basic cotton yarns that you can pick up for a couple of bucks just about anywhere. (Sugar 'N Cream, which comes in like over 70 colorways and Lion Cotton) I decided to go with blues and whites. I used various variegated and different shades of each. I've since decided to incorporate yellow as an accent color. I'm stil not completely sold on the way the colors are combining, but if all else fails, I'll have lots of small washcloths.

I also decided to knit a preemie gown. I couldn't find any designs that really suited my tastes. Now, I know that this is for a third party, but if I don't like the result and the pattern then I'll never finish it. I have in mind the little gown I want to knit, but don't know about sizing just yet. I did find two patterns that were somewhat acceptable. (here and here.) I've started knitting the second one, and it is really small. I'm not sure if it isn't too small. But I'm going to finish it. Plus, I don't like the cheap baby yarn I'm using. I also found this preemie kimono which I really like. That will probably be the next attempt.

Maybe by tomorrow I'll have more knitting and sewing pictures to share.

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