Monday, July 25, 2005


So, I spent this weekend dripping in sweat. I sat outside in 100 degree heat for 2 days at a water ski tournament. You see, knitting is my thing, and competitive, 3-event water skiing is my guy's thing. Here he is doing his thing.

jump 1
(this is not a very good picture, but unfortunately all of my decent skiing pictures have been taken with my trusty Nikon SLR 35mm, and not my digital)

He's on the skis in the air, and I'm behind on the camera nervously sitting on the shore, melting. Despite the heat, we had a nice weekend. However, I had planned on spending my time sitting in the shade and knitting. No dice. It was way too sticky to knit. Thus, the knitting lull.

But I've spent today doing some crafty prepping. I have a few sewing projects to finish, and I'm going to be doing a Kool Aid dyeing experiment, hopefully tomorrow. I've managed to accumulate Kool Aid, Flavor Aid, and other assorted drink mixes in every color available in the Iowa City area, and plan on dyeing a small amount of yarn in each to test colors. I'll of course post the information here for anyone who is interested.

Oh, and I came upon some interesting information about Lion Brand's new offerings. Perhaps this is old news to some of you, but I read on Claudia's Blog about the new Lion Cashmere Blend and Lion Wool. Unfortunately, I don't have a huge crafting budget, and therefore widely available 100% wool or cashmere blends have me quite intrigued. I'll have to keep an eye out for these. But I didn't see any at Hancock Fabric or Hobby Lobby today. The new yarns aren't on the Lion website either, and a Google search only produced information that they are in the works along with an expansion of the color selection of their Trellis, Incredible, and Landscape yarns (and that was just a small blurb on a yarn store's newsletter). And here, I thought that Cotton-Ease was being discontinued in favor of endless variations of Fun Fur. But what is up with their new yarn Big? It knits at 1.25 stitches per inch on size US 19 needles. Are you kidding me? Has anyone actually seen this in person? Now, I need instant gratification every once in awhile, but seriously...

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