Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I make lists. It's almost compulsive. I sit at work and make lists of all the things I hope to get done that evening. They are usually very ambitious, and include more things than could ever be accomplished in a single evening. Lately, the number of knitting and other crafty items has grown to outnumber everything else. Going to the grocery store? Not on the list. Going to the post office? Not on the list. But tying bows on preemie hats? Yeah, it's there, and it is usually subcategorized with a sub-list of each of the hats that needs said bow. I told you, it's compulsive. Sometimes, I even add things to my list that I've already completed just to check it off. But tonight, I've made actual progress on a few items that have been on the lists for some time.

baby hat in bag

I tied bows on a few preemie hats that are laying around, and even got it ready to go, complete with a tag, in a cute organza bag (a leftover, never used item from my wedding last November). Doesn't it look small. That black blur on the tag was my last name. I'm not under the impression that I am cool enough to be Internet stalked, but I still didn't want my name passed around Flickr.

pp box 1

This inspired me to put together everything I have for the Preemie Project. Not pictured is the gown that is still on the needles, the mitered square blanket (see below) which is nowhere near completion, and a few more sewn blankets that haven't been started. Oh and I'm also hoping to make some pumpkin hats. Don't worry there is a list.

I also started working on a couple of sewing projects. Unfortunately, my apartment is way too hot to sew in tonight. Well, I guess I could move the machine to the front of the house, but that's too much work. Besides, I've already cut and ironed. Sewing will be for another night.

If you are reading this and you knit, I really think that you should head over to the Preemie Project and get the info. You can knit one little hat, can't you? It is instant gratification knitting. Laura is doing a really great job with the project and it is growing fast.

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