Saturday, July 09, 2005


The problem with waking up everyday at 6:00 a.m. is that on the weekend you will also wake up at that time. It doesn't matter what time you go to bed, or how late you intend to sleep. You will wake up and you will be completely frusturated that you can't sleep any later.

Well, that being that case, I've spent the wee hours of this Saturday morning doing some housekeeping here at Knit Tidbits. For starters I cleaned things up over at Flickr. I now have a nice set of all of the knitting photos that I have downloaded at Flickr here and set/ tutorial of my kool aid dyeing adventures here. Eventually, I'd like to download all of my knitting pictures into flickr, but that will have to wait until I finally get rid of my Yabba-Dabba-Doo-Dial up, and I'd probably have to upgrade from my free account to accomodate.

In other housekeeping news, I cleaned up my links and fixed some outdated ones. As well, I updated my finished objects list. If you read this, please comment so that I can link to your blog. Besides I love getting comments even if it is just "Hi."

I have some serious knitting planned for this weekend, and it may also involve some more dyeing. I'm working on a couple of more hat patterns for The Preemie Project. I'm really enjoying doing the knitting math during work. I'm also going to work on a sweater/ gown for the project. I've always wanted to design a garment, and a preemie garment seems manageable for my current knitting skills.

Speaking of the Preemie Project I have a few blankets finished. They are fleece and flannel with satin binding. Because every little person needs a little piece of satin. Satin binding is the juvenile equivalent to my favorite pair of Levi's. Here they are basking in the morning sun.


I also want to knit a blanket for the project, but let's be honest, casting on over 100 stitches and knitting back and forth is so time consuming that it would probably be tossed aside way before completion. So the answer is, of course, mitered squares. Kay over at Mason Dixon Knitting is the queen of the mitered square in blog-land. If you don't believe me, the evidence is here (scroll down to the bottom) and here (scroll down to March 21, a collective effort). So I decided to do some mitering myself. I decided to use a Hobby Lobby yarn called Pitter Patter, because it is really soft and I like soft. Here's my first square.

mitered square

Note that this isn't really a square, and therefore some blocking would certainly be in order. Also note that I changed yarns every 2 rows rather than every 4. That was a mistake. While I really like this yarn, I don't think it is appropriate for miters. Therefore, I may be falling back on basic cotton. Once I figure out how big, and what size I want them, I may be putting out the call to anyone willing to contribute for a blanket for a little tiny baby.

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