Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Holiday Hangover.

Why do you wake up after a three day weekend feeling so groggy? I didn't drink a thing all weekend, and woke up this morning feeling like I had downed a six pack while lying in bed about to go to sleep. Let's just say that it was a rough day at work.

But I did manage to finish my baby hat pattern, and start on the next. Remember this hat from my last post?

baby hat

Well the pattern, can now be found here. Warning this is an ad supported free geocities site. Sorry about that, but unfortunately my web skills are limited and I can't host it over here at free blogger. At least, I don't know how. Anyway, it's a cute, cheap and quick little hat to knit for The Preemie Project.

If you knit this (especially the largest size) please let me know. I didn't knit that size before writing the pattern up. I'd love any feedback on the wording of the pattern, etc. Or if you knit it please send me a picture.

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