Saturday, July 02, 2005

Goin' Fishin'...

First off, thanks for the blog birthday wishes. Here's to many more. The heat left town, and apparently took some of our stress with it.

A little girl I know is celebrating her first birthday. My mom got her the cutest little watermelon swimmning suit, and so I had a brainstorm. I would knit her a cute little summery bucket hat to go with it. I got to work using the massive amounts of Cotton Ease I have secretly been hoarding (there's more than I've talked about on this blog - I am ashamed.) I used the ever popular Bucket O'Chic and this pattern from The Knitting Vault as guidance. I swatched. I measured. I re-measured. I calculated. Math was involved. I even used pi. Here is the resulting hat (in Cotton Ease Strawberry Cream, Vanilla, and Pistachio).

watermelon hat

and it fits....

watermelon hat 2

Me! Now, I'm all for giving a child something to grow into, but come on. She may have to wait 10 years to wear this thing. How in the world could I have gone so wrong. I used pi for god's sake. So what to do? Do I stitch on the seeds and give it to her as planned, knowing that it is not going to to fit? Do I knit another and give it to the twins? Do I just keep it for myself and pretend this whole thing never happened. This is unreal to me. My entire knitting life everything I knit has been way too small. I guess I over-compensated.

I've also been working on some baby hats for The Preemie Project. I finished a couple of more, and have been working on incorporating some different stitch patterns into hats. Here's a swatch I did this week. It's a swatch that may actually fit the smallest babies i the NICU.

baby hat

It's a mock rib/ eyelet pattern from Barbara Abbey's Big Book of Knitting (or something like that - it was 75% off at Barnes and Noble a while back). Once I master the sizing and the decreases, I'll make it available for anyone wanting to knit some hats for charity or specifically The Preemie Project.

But wait, there has also been sewing. These two tote bags have been laying in my sewing room/ computer room/ storage room/ R's closet in varying states of completion for weeks. It's been too hot to sit in there and sew, but I finally got them finished. They are for co-workers of my sister, but if they decide they don't want them then they will be gifts.

striped bags

I'm off to my parents for the holiday and a small town celebration. For the past 20-odd years the parade and festivities have been exactly the same. I'll let you know what I decide to do with that poor hat. Hopefully I will find it a home. Hope you all have a great Fourth! Eat some watermelon for me.

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