Friday, July 22, 2005

frying eggs on sidewalks.

(This was written on Friday, but for some reason didn't post...)

That's how hot it is. And it's only supposed to get hotter.

I just got back from spending the week at my parents. I arrived home to find a package from Michelle.
This is the last installment of the Iowa Chicks Knitting secret pal swap. Thank you to Michelle for being a great pen-pal who sends fabulous stuff. Just look at that Manos. Now, I'll have to figure out what to do with it. She's also a fabulous hostess of Iowa Chicks Knitting.

SP goodies

While at my parents, I did get some knitting accomplished. Along with finishing the baby dress (see below) and starting to write out the pattern, I also finished some pumpkin hats for The Preemie Project.

pumpkin hats

I used this pattern and some Cotton-Ease in Orangeade. I have alot more of this yarn, but for now, I'm pumpkined out. For those who are interested, I made 3 different sizes and used size 7 dpns. One ball of yarn could easily make 4-6 hats depending on the size.

I leave you with this.

grace with camera

Grace with the camera she crafted out of Bristle Blocks, circa. 1975. My nieces love the "vintage" toys they find at my parents. Fisher Price Little People (you know, the ones kids choked on - my parents have a huge bucket of them most of them from when my sisters and I were young, and some of them are rare like Sesame Street's Susan), a Jem! doll (she's much bigger than Barbie and her earrings still light up.)

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