Sunday, June 26, 2005

A weekend with my parents.

It's hot here. Really hot. Thinking about actually using the air conditioning hot. The hot and humid weather made it a fabulous weekend to visit my parents while R went to Nebraska to waterski in a tournament. My parents have always supported all of my crafty and creative endeavors. In many ways, they are enablers. We ended up at Tuesday Morning, and you know about my hoarding, right.... Anyway, this is some of what I purchased this weekend.


From left to right, back: 3 balls of Lion Wool-Ease sportweight in an interesting burgundy with blues and oranges (will likely become bulky socks, gloves, or hats this winter), 6 balls of Cotton-Ease in mint, and 2 balls of Bernat Softee Baby to make hats and such for the Preemie Project. Front: the cutest children's book called Knitted by Grandma, Knitted Sweaters for Every Season by Nancie Wiseman ($3.99 and TM and will be used for techniques only, as I doubt I would knit any of the patterns), and some locking stitch markers. Here's a closeup of that adorable book:

knit with grandma

It has pop ups, a knit hat pattern, and is oh so cute. It was only $3 at Tuesday Morning, and I'm going to have trouble giving it away to my nieces.

In other knitting news, I finished the Branching Out in Lavold Silky Wool. It is still in need of some serious blocking.

I rushed to get this baby off of the needles so that I could start something new. On my way through Des Moines last Friday I stopped at a brand new yarn store called Purls - Yarn Studio in West Des Moines. It was a gorgeous shop with a great selection. They carry Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Jo Sharp, Blue Sky Alpaca, R2, and more. I was really impressed with this place, and quickly settled on some Rowan Cashsoft DK in lime and bella donna to make some Christmas scarves. I quickly cast on for Branching Out 2.0 in the lime. Of course, I didn't buy enough yarn and will have to send my mom for more or wait until next weekend when I'm back in town, but can I tell you just how soft this is. Ohmygod soft. I want to sleep in a pile of it soft. I will be knitting a sweater with this yarn when finances allow.


Hope you all had a great weekend...

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