Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Here it is. My Kool Aid dyed samples balled up and ready to be knit.
koolaid yarn 2

I was very anxious to see what the colors would look like as I knit. Each of these was knit using US 9s, casting on 20 stitches.
koolaid swatch kool aid swatch

Overall, I am really quite impressed with the colors. I managed to handpaint the yarn with very few brown patches. This was achieved by using complimentary colors between colors or using dyes in the same color family next to each other. I love the reds, but am really quite taken with these two swatches:
kool aid swatch sherbet kool aid swatch watermelon
I've named the first "Rainbow Sherbet" (though, the hubby thinks that it should be named "Fruit Stripe Gum"), and Rykert likes the second and has named it "Watermelon." What can I say, we aren't too creative when it comes to the names. I washed the swatches with a wool wash in the kitchen sink after knitting. This really softened them up, and there was no bleeding. Next up, felting. We shall see what hot water does to the colors. I'm considering ordering some blank yarn from Knit Picks, and trying some more dyeing. Only, this time I would dye enough for an entire project in a single colorway.

On another note... I'm anxious to make yet another One Skein Wonder. I made a trip to the LYS. I hadn't been there in ages, and found some great new additions to their selection. Though, the novelty yarn (which I enjoy on occasion) has continued to overtake the place. I picked up 2 different yarns that I have been wanting to try, and which happen to be gauge appropriate for the OSW.
yarn OSW
On the left, we have Southwest Trading Company Phoenix (100% soy silk) (passion colorway, I think). On the right, we have Knit One Crochet Too 2nd Time Cotton (tahiti colorway). So, which should I try first. Any thoughts?

There have been requests in the comments for the pattern I used for the knitting needle/ notion case (scroll down to see). I plan on attempting to write a pattern for this at some point. But if anyone has any questions about it, the construction, size, or materials, I'd be happy to answer.

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