Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Instant Gratification.

So, you saw my last One Skein Wonder, right? Well, I knew that this little item would be the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe. You see, I'm one of those either always hot or always cold people. Annoying isn't? It's just that people sort of take the air conditioning too far in the summer, and this is even more the case in Louisiana. So, after my first failed attempt, I searched through my entire stash seeking the perfect yarn. Unfortunately all I really had was wool or wool blends, leftover from the felting frenzy that was a year or two ago.

So, I bust over to my LYS after work yesterday. Only to find out that they closed at 3:30 per their summer hours. What? Don't they know that I don't get off work until 4:30. Well, I have Friday off for an interview and could go then. Or better yet, wait until I'm at my parents this weekend and go yarn shopping in Des Moines. No, not fast enough. So I shop online. I narrow it down to Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton and Karabella Yarns Picnic. But wait, I'd have to wait up to a week for that, and I don't really enjoy knitting from 100% cotton anyway.

Feeling defeated, I went to Joann for some retail therapy under the guise of looking for the perfect fabric for a skirt I have in mind for myself. And then, I encountered this, Joann Sensations Yarn Catalina in color sorbet. I loved the colors, and it felt nice despite its complete lack of anything natural. So, off I went with 3 balls in hand. (note: my decision was likely based on my need for instant gratification, and therefore, I may be cursing this decision in a few hours)I got home and set to swatching. Now, I have to tell you a story about me and gauge. I don't know her. When I first started knitting I ignored gauge. I pretended it didn't matter. This is the reason that most of my first knitting projects were ill-fitting failures. I knit tight, and rarely can make gauge. However, the knitting gods must be shining tonight, because....TA-DA

I got gauge. No really, I think I did.

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