Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Clearly I have issues.

Weeks ago, I was mourning the loss of Cotton Ease, which I received written confirmation from Lion that it is being discontinued. (It wasn't just a internet rumor designed to sell some yarn.) Today, I stopped at Tuesday Morning on my way home for work in search of an egg poacher to give as a father's day gift (don't ask, but since he loves to cook he wanted an egg poacher, and they are hard to find). Imagine my surprise when I walked out with this:
Cotton Ease, at a mere $2 a ball. I had to force myself to stop hoarding and not buy more. The blue is destined to be a baby/toddler sweater to be given as a Christmas gift. It will be hard keeping myself from going back to get the rest. They had a few other colors, and the Hancock Fabric that is next door still has quite a bit marked down 30%.

Today at work, I decided that I will not be stupid this year. I will begin planning and knitting for Christmas as soon as possible. And by that, I mean as soon as I finish the two boring projects that are still waiting to be finished that were meant to be given last Christmas.

In other retail news, I really really want an Iowa Chicks Knitting t-shirt and tote bag.

Oh, and before I forget, Roll Wave!!! My beloved Green Wave are bound for the College World Series in Omaha. I really wanted to make the trip, but I'm not sure if it's going to happen.

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