Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Blog Birthday.

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my first knitting related post on my little piece of the blogosphere. I had planned to post yesterday in celebration. It was going to be a party. There was going to be pictures. I was going to be sparkling and witty, of course. I was going to be funny. There was going to be door prizes for all commenters.... Unfortunately something got in the way. Life. Life got in the way. Life he in the T/W household is in a bit of disarray these days. I'm full of vocational stress, and my bitter half is full of educational related stress. Put us together in one messier than usual, very hot apartment and you get chaos. But at least we broke down and turned the air on this week. I can't wait until we can turn it off. Despite the stresses, we are surviving. Things can always be worse.

So, upon reflecting on the past year I am still impressed that a person (me) who can barely turn on a computer and get it connected to the internet is responsible for a webpage (even if it is an idiot proof blogger page). The last year has brought bar passage, marriage, and newlywed stress. It's also connected me to all sorts of interesting people with remarkable creativity. I'm thankful for the connections I've made via this media, and I look forward to expanding that (and maybe even meeting some of you in person).

There will still be door prizes to mark this occasion, and also to pull any of you lurkers out of hiding. I know about that, I lurked for over a year before I even so much as left a comment. Stay tuned...

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