Friday, June 03, 2005

At last. (Nearly) Instant gratification.

Well, I finished the One Skein Wonder using the Joann Catalina yarn. I'm happy with the result, despite the novelt-iness of the yarn. Besides, my wardrobe could use some color. For anyone interested, it took just over three balls on US 11s, and I made the size smaller based on the stretchiness of the knitted fabric.

I like it. It fits. However, I think that I will stay make yet another one in a nice cotton (maybe). This means that I will have to do some yarn shopping after my interview this afternoon (wish me luck).

Sorry about the wonky pictures, but I have to change into business attire, and then head out. I'll be at my parents all weekend, but I'll try to post a better picture when I get back. Sorry about the boobage (or lack thereof) shot.

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