Saturday, May 14, 2005

A Lazy Saturday

The lace trim bolero is nearing completion. I finished the body and even seamed the little bitch together. It is now awaiting its trim. I have grown tired of it and now fear that it may not fit. Besides my seaming left much to be desired. A picture when I stop being completely sick of it.

But onward I knit....

I had originally planned to start this Cable 8 Top from the Spring '05 Interweave Knits. However, I cast on and then realized that this is one bulky little number. I mean it is knit at 3 stitches per inch. That makes a bulky fabric. Bulky is good for cold winter nights, but not for a humid summer and a nearly sleeveless top. I would sweat through this baby in no time. Perhaps I'll figure out something similar to knit using the same construction, but a more reasonable gauge. It's a simple boatneck, two rectangle design. Surely I can figure that out for myself.

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