Monday, May 30, 2005

I finished something. Stop the Presses!

one skein 1
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Last week I was reading Knit and Tonic when I saw her gorgeous One Skein Wonder Shrug. I thought, I must have this. I must. So I scooted my butt right over to Glampyre and purchased the pattern. I love it, except that I got a little too excited and stopped knitting on the body too soon. This means that the result is a bit tight, but I'm going to be casting on for v.2.0 this afternoon. I also didn't knit to gauge, and was just trying to fix this by changing the sizing. This would have worked, but I got way too excited about trying it on. When I complete it with a couple of extra rows, you will get to see the front, but until then there is a bit of "spillage" around the underarm region. (y'all know what that is, right?)

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