Thursday, April 14, 2005

Still no pictures....boohoo.

how boring can this blog BE? I promise pictures soon, but in the meantime here is an odd bunch of info...

I'm a tv junkie. I have a confession to make. I watch American Idol regularly. And I enjoy it. OK, I've said it. Did anyone see it last night? I mean what in the hell is going on, and why is that little blonde twit still there. And did anyone see Law & Order? I hate it when they leave you with a "to be continued" that's going to be on at one of the worst times of the week (Friday @ 9 - not that I have a life, but dammit if I did....)

I'm still chugging along my raglan sweaters. Number 1 is getting ridiculously close to being done. If the computers would just go down at work again this week, I get that baby finished while I waited. My painting projects are nearing the finish line, and I'll post pictures soon (I need to remember to take said pictures when the light is still decent in my apartment).

I'm also going to be starting a lovely charity knitting project. Laura over at Knits for Sanity is putting together a great project of knitting preemie booties, hats, and blankets for hospitals. I'm going to whip some up soon. She's also set up a lovely blog for the project.

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