Saturday, March 05, 2005

Spring Fever!!

Yes I've got the fever. It's in the 60s here today. Fabulous no need for a coat weather. I think it might be a cruel trick, because there will likely be at least one more snow/ice storm (that's how it usually works).

I've been working on that damn blanket. I have 3 more squares to knit and sew together, and then decide about the border. I think I have it figured out, but I could still change my mind.

Other than that... my sleeping problems are likely due to life stresses. I'm waiting to hear about a really awesome job, and it is driving me crazy. They are still taking resumes for another couple of weeks, so I'm trying to forget about it - easier said than done. Send all positive career vibes this way. I've been working out regularly, at least 4 days a week and am feeling sore, in a good way, every day. The week was capped off by an extremely embarassing performance at the gym on Friday morning. I was doing calf raises on a wooden box with a bar (because the damn calf raise machine is outdated and too big for my frame), and I got my balance off, flipped the box which caused me to fall on my ass and drop the bar. There was a comotion and I yelled an obscenity. Only one kind, muscle bound man asked if I was ok. Just a scrape, but my dignity took a serious hit. Refusing to admit defeat, I limped through the rest of my workout and returned this morning for my arms/ back weight routine and cardio. I'm thinking of switching yoga next week, and trying Bikram Yoga. Anyone have any expertise they can share with me? I was frusturated earlier this week by a slight weight gain, but after gathering perspective it seems ridiculous. Besides, I'm only looking to loose the "Bar Exam 10-15"

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