Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Well, I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter weekend, or just a nice first spring weekend for any non-Christians. Rykert and I traveled across the state to my parents. We had a nice weekend, and Rykert (with my assistance) prepared his famous Jambalaya. When R decides to revive his cajun roots and cook for my family, it is quite a process. You start with shrimp shells and vegetables to make a nice stock, and then proceed to the main event. I'd guess that the whole thing took us close to 5 hours. But that is nothing compared to the time it takes to make a good gumbo or crawfish etoufee. By all accounts, the results were worth it.

I haven't picked up my needles in nearly a week. Just out of the groove. This week I've started a new temp job. Which means a few days of mind numbing training. It's better than sitting on my butt at home, I guess. Each time I take one of these temp jobs, I do so thinking that by committing to it something permanent and in my field will finally pan out. But alas, I'm stuck in front of a computer for the next 6 weeks (unless I find something better).

Hopefully I'll have some knitting news soon. I need to get busy on those birthday raglans for my nieces, and I have 2 Christmas projects still lingering (how embarassing). I've also been hired to do some painting, a table and chair set for my cousin's little girl in my folky style. I haven't painted in a while, so that should be fun.

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