Friday, March 11, 2005

Oh, Martha!!

Let me start by saying, I love Martha Stewart. She's made it big in a man's world, and frankly she hires great people with amazing ideas and presents them in a nice glossy format. I have to admit to reading her magazines, and stealing many ideas from Weddings for my own wedding last November. Oh, and have you seen that new PBS show, Everyday Food. It's no America's Test Kitchen, but it's pretty good. Legally, I believe that Ms. Stewart was railroaded. I mean really, prison? I felt so much safer for the past few months as our prisons were working past capacity, and the overflow fell on the shoulders of local counties.

But Martha, did you really have to go and bring back the poncho, single handedly? I mean the story about your jailmate crocheting it for you is just heartwarming, really. But, can't you see what you've put in motion... Lion Brand is creating a version using Homespun yarn. Knitter's Review has over 4 pages of posts devoted to the topic.

Now, I'm not a hater of ponchos per se. But I do wish women would be reminded that the portable tent is not for every body type. That you must find the right pattern and fiber for you. The poncho should never be too big or too small, please. So, all you Martha poncho knitters out there, proceed with caution. Be careful that you don't end up on the last page of Glamour as a poncho don't. I have seen some very cute ponchos on women of all shapes and sizes, but when a poncho is bad... it is really bad.

Did you know that Rosie O'Donnell has a blog? Well, I'll be.

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