Tuesday, March 08, 2005

How do you increase?

Last night I picked up the little pink raglan I've been working on. I took a look at the first sleeve, and was most unimpressed. Do you see those little holes at the increase? What's up with that. I've been using K1fb method on the first and the last increase, and this is what it looks like. YICK! Knitters: I need your infinite wisdom to solve this one. This little sleeve has now been un-knit(as my husband calls it), and awaits your guidance before becoming a cute litle sleeve.

After contemplation (and 2 feet of ill fated knitting), I've decided that the XOXO border is way too busy for my blanket. Instead, I'm doing a simple plaited cable on the two long sides (to add some width), and a simple seed stitch on the short ends. This should solve any proportion problems I've been worried about.

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