Wednesday, February 23, 2005


It's funny what we remember...

When I was a child, lent meant Jesus Christ Superstar. Seriously. My family was not overly religious, and we didn't attend church with any regularity (we were exposed, and my parents hoped that we would grow up and make our own judgments), but lent meant Superstar. I was thinking about this the other day, and suddenly got the urge to watch the movie. So, I head to the video store and rent what I think to be the 1973 movie. However, it was actually a 2000 version produced for PBS Great Performances. While the music was good, this was a theatrical staging that was filmed, not a movie. So, I'm now on a hunt to find the '73 version. I think I'll try the public library.

Melissa Etheridge rocks. This is something that I had forgotten until the Grammy's last week. I mean, really, I had forgotten how much I love her music. When I was growing up in small town Iowa, I thought that the song Nowhere to Go was written what my friends and I were living. And No Souvenirs reminds me of the buffalo nickel I wore around my neck for years in high school and college.

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