Thursday, February 10, 2005

Felted Landscape Bag

Before Christmas, I started a project from Family Circle Easy Knitting Winter '04/05. This magazine includes patterns for some of the most blasphemous ponchoes ever imagined, but it also has the pattern for 2 very cute bags, this one and a cabled tote. The little bag in the magazine is knitting using Colinette Shimmer 5. Well, Colinette yarns are not in my budget right now, so I substituted with some Lion Brand Landscapes. Long story short (too late), the outcome was seriously hideous. So, I reckelssly threw that little baby into a steaming hot washer and tested Lion Brand's claim that this 50% acrylic/ 50% wool felts. Well, after 2 spins, it actually looks much better. I tied it shut with a pink satin bow (because I love ribbon).

Lion Brand states on its website that this yarn will not felt exactly like 100% wool. And they are correct. But I like the result anyway. You can still see the stitches, but the colors are more subtle and fuzzy. At any rate, it is a project from hell rescued by the miracle of hot water and agitation.

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