Monday, January 10, 2005

Bad Start

So, here we are on the 10th day on the new year. As I look back at my resolutions of a week ago, I hang my head in shame.

  • I've been to the gym once. Yes, once. But I'm blaming this on last week's snow storm.

  • I haven't finished a single 2004 knitting project, but each is just hours from being finished.

  • I've cooked one meal, and it was an old standby/

  • I started a new knitting project. A sampler baby blanket composed of many squares knitted in different stitches. I had to buy the yarn for the project.

  • I still have no job, and few prospects. Although, countless hours have been spent searching, sending resumes, and emailing.

Pictures of the new blanket project soon. I'm really excited about it. My cousin's baby isn't due until the end of April, but I wanted to get started. The thought of casting on 200 stitches and knitting for 3 months scared me. So I'm knitting this is quick little bites, and am loving the look. More tomorrow....

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