Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Secret Pal Revealed

I just received my final package from my SP. A lovely basket filled with all sorts of goodies. A wonderful smelling candle, some candies, a Starbucks giftcard, and some delicious yarn from Handpaintedyarn.com.

Thank you SP!!! My SP was (insert drumroll here) the very lovely Nicole. Go tell her hi!!! Ms. Nicole, you have been a most wonderful Secret Pal, and I will thoroughly enjoy every bit of this last package.

On an absolutely somber note, my mom just called to tell me that there was a natural gas explosion at my little sister's apartment. Luckily she is safe, but everything she owns is lost. I must go and find out how I can help. Send us your happy thoughts.
Edited: Turns out it was not a natural gas explosion, but actually caused by a model rocket enthusiasts rocket making supplies. It is bad. She won't be able to get in to assess the damage until Thursday or Friday. But the firefighter said that the area of her apartment sustained massive water damage. Thankfully, she had gotten renter's insurance.

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nicole said...

libby!! just postinjg to let you know I LOVE YOU!! it's been way fun being your SP and i hope you and me both can thrive and grow as knitters and bloggers in this crazy paced world. lovelove,

Jennie said...

My sister's dorm burned to the ground a few years ago, so I know what you're going through! Thank God she has insurance and she could probably sue the model rocket enthusiast. Anyway, I just talked to my sister and she said that what she needed most ASAP was toiletries, underwear and warm clothes. That's also what she went out and got the first day, so if you were to get her something next week, my sister's favorite package was coffee cups, coffee, hot cocoa, a blanket and stuffed animals. Also, if your sister's a student, school supplies are something that most people overlook, but are really necessary. My thoughts are with you!

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