Sunday, October 10, 2004

Wedding Wrapping

I've been engaged since last January. I have had a wedding date picked since then. A few months ago I realized that my dress did not have sleeves and that it is cold in Iowa in November, and that it would be wonderful to knit a wrap for the day. But law school and the bar exam got in the way, and I did nothing about it.

I had dreams of knitting a fanciful lace pattern in silk or mohair. Roman's Birch Shawl from Roman 34 haunted me. As did Fiber Trend's Baltic Sea Stole.

Well, reality sunk in, and I realized that I would need something quick and painless if I was going to make it a reality. So what did I do, I found the biggest needles I could and some cheap-o yarn in a gorgeous color to whip up this little baby.

This is Paton's Divine (20% mohair, 80% acrylic so as to not leave my groom covered in little mohair hairs) and Lion Brand Fun Fur. Knit in a rectangle using a simple drop stitch pattern and tied together with a satin ribbon. I really like the result, but may further experiment with different yarns. And I do believe it needs a more luxurious satin ribbon.

True Confessions I am attracted to novelty yarns in fabulous colors and textures. I would love to be in a place in my life to be a yarn snob who could only knit with fabulous natural fibers and Colinette. (I envy those of you who can, and do not begrudge you your good fortune) But unfortunately I'm not there yet. So this is the best I can do. Oh and the low mohair content in Divine keeps me from sneezing, a problem I have with some mohair.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Libby,

Your stole is yummy! Like cotton candy!

I used 2 skeins of Baby Monkey and size 11's for my faux fur. Baby Monkey is the "hairiest" yarn I've ever seen and a wicked, nasty knit. But it does make a fluffy product.

Thanks for your comments.
Nake-id Knits

Anonymous said...

libbylibby!! the stole looks wonderful! i'm working on a shawl and it is taking FOR-EV-ERRRR... it kinda like the ones that are haunting you, so it's probably best you didn't try those... i started mine in may, teehee :)

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