Thursday, October 21, 2004


I'm alive, and have been knitting my little fingers to the bone. I asked my fiance yesterday if it was possible to pull a muscle in my finger. He recommended an amputation for my drama.

Gigi is coming along nicely, and with any luck, I'll have her finished tomorrow before I leave town for the weekend. That's right, I'm outta here for a few days, and I couldn't be more excited. I'm going to see my college roommate get married in exotic Indianapolis. It will be a wonderful reunion.

I've also been noticing some really great web projects going along in the blog-iverse.
First, go check out the Knitblogger Cookbook being compiled by My Favorite Things. Go over and donate a recipe, you know you wanna. But hurry the deadline is October 31.

Next, go check out the Breast Cancer Awareness project at My Threaded Bliss. Here are all the details you need to participate.

Tonight, I may be going to my first ever Knitting Meetup. This has the shy, wall-flower part of me a little scared. But I'm not sure if I'll make it based on the massive amount of things I need to do before leaving town. But if you are in the Iowa City area, meet at the Java House on First Avenue tonight.

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Anonymous said...

hey libby!! the capelet looks fan-friggin-tabulous :) i'm glad you've been knitting a lot lately, i have too. i'll be sending your final Secret Pal package soon, but i'll tell you when it's definitely on its way :D hooray!

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