Thursday, October 21, 2004

Paris Loop

I finished the Paris Loop!! I altered the pattern a bit to make the neckhole larger, and I didn't make it as long as the pattern called for based on my short-waistedness.

I used some yarn I bought at Joann Fabric. The yarn is called Angel Hair, and was purchased entirely based on its softness. The result is a super soft and fuzzy (but not shedding) pseudo-poncho. I'm still not all that cracked up by the poncho craze that has hit every mall in America (and most discount stores). Some ponchos are gorgeous, and some people look fabulous in them, but most are way too long for me, and make me feel like I'm wearing a tent.

For social commentary on this fashion craze go read this article from Slate: Is that a real poncho? I'm not trendy, and I'm not even all that hip, but I do think that the capelets I've been seeing around are quite cute for petite people like me.

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