Thursday, September 02, 2004

Learning Something New

I decided to learn to cable. I found Yarnagogo's pattern for Good Ole Cabled Scarf and I was off.

I'm clearly still a beginner, but I'm feeling pretty proud of myself, because I picked it up fairly quickly. This scarf (I'm on a scarf roll these past weeks) is destined for either my dad or grandpa for Christmas.

Thanks Yarnagogo for an easy pattern, and clear instructions.

I want to knit myself a sweater (which would clearly be my largest single project to date). Maybe a cabled cardigan, like the one I've nearly worn out from J. Crew forever ago.

Tomorrow is my birthday!!! R is taking me out to dinner tonight to celebrate (Friday night will be crazy in town because the first home football game is this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

wow! good job! looks like you got "podting excited" and did 3 posts at once. i do that too :D the scarves look GREAT and i'm glad you learned how to cable. if you really dig cabling and like socks go to (they have a neat-o cabled sock pattern there). yay, knitting! *does a little dance*

Anonymous said...

whoops, i meant to say
have fun!

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